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ETMF Podcast was founded on the principles of providing a ray of audio sunshine to dreary workdays. Our brand of educated ignorance touches on diverse topics including video games, movies, music. TV, sports, and all things pop culture that will inform as much as entertain. We have expanded to the ETMF Podcast Network to include podcasts that  are specific to all these topics and more.

As the founding podcast of the ETMF network, we lead they way in the most educated of ignorant topics.

According 2 Sources is our source for sports conversation and news.

The Jo//Jo Podcast Show is where your two favorite “Jo”s are all in one show! Join Jo Rose and Jo’Rie as they sound off on women’s issues and whatever else grinds their gears or tickles their fancy.

Podcast on Repeat is a podcast about our everyday obsessions with audio. Whether it’s music, videos, or podcast; when something hits our soul we can’t help but to put in On Repeat.

E-man’s Movie Reviews is where you’ll get straight to the point, quick, and spoiler-free movie reviews to help you spend your time and money wisely on movies. E-man gives you the Good, the Bad, the Reason, and the Rating about each movie.

Curses in Cursive is a nod to one of the world’s biggest assholes, which gives you a perspective that you wouldn’t necessarily get upon first look. the podcast touches on the world of business, politics, sports, and anything else we can fit into one hour that tickles our fancy… and hopefully yours too. As suggested in the title, the language is filthy SO HIDE YOUR KIDS AND HIDE YOUR WIFE!

Games We Don’t Play is a podcast where Alex, Shaun and Dre talk about partial gaming on a full-time Dad schedule.